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Solid Carbon Dioxide (Dry ice) with its varied inherent properties suit pharmaceutical industry in more than one ways.

  • While manufacturing and packaging of pills, capsules, powders, pastes, ampoules, vaccines and tablets.Co2 being bacteriostatic prevents the growth of bacteria and thus make it an ideal agent for the manufacture and packaging
  • During formulation, need to ensure low temperature and inert medium. Co2 used as a reaction gas in their preparation.
  • Whiletesting (micro and macro-sectioning) of pharmaceutical products at low temperatures, cooling properties of dry ice at (-) 78.5 °C aid the testing.
  • Co2 is used in the manufacture of Sodium Carbonate, Bicarbonate and Salicylate during the Manufacture of Aspirin and other medicinal preparations
  • Dry ice is ideal during the transportation of medicinal preparations including vaccines requiring low temperature
  • During pulverising operations, more heat is generated which needs to be kept under controllable limits. When used Dry ice during pulverising, not only reduces the temperature to the desirable levels, it also ensures inert atmosphere during the entire process. Further, since it sublimes directly into Co2 gas and hence, no residue is added to the ground product.
  • In the preparation of select products like creams, sugar syrup, temperature needs to be brought down to ambient temp. or less. In these cases Pharma companies use dry ice in the jacket encircling the holding tank / container to bring down the temperature. Others use dry ice dissolved solution in the circulation tube surrounding the preparation tank.