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Banana & Mangoes are one of the most popular fruits in the world, and ripening them is not very different than the process for avocados, and other fruit. In India, acetylene or calcium carbide have been used to ripen Banana, Mango fruit. We strongly discourage these methods as this process is very harmful to mankind. So we are suggesting our clients to ripen the fruits using Ethylene Gas Ripening system. we also offer a wide range of products for Fruit ripening using Ethylene Gas.

Ripening Gas

ripening gas
ripening gas

Fix Tonnage Dosing Cans " Ethylene The Wonder Gas "

banana ripening

Small cans of pure ethylene enough for ripening 5 tons of fruit. Designed and devloped for bannana vendors and farmers. Can also be used for cold rooms of capacity upto 10 tons (single can).

Large Ethylene Cylinders

We manufactures high pressure ethylene ripening gas cylinders which have 7000 lits of gas. We have close to 200 cylinders stock any point of time. The banana ripening gas cylinders are given along with special pressure regulator which are marked according to room size for manual dosing. Cylinder are deliverd to door and picked from door ie end to end solution is provided.

Portable Analyzers

Portable analyzers of ethylene and carbon dioxide are availaible for inexpensive ripening. The analyzers is used to see the gas levels and using them the ripening cycles is controlled.

Manual Dosing Using Cylinders

Ripening can be done using gas cylinders in cold rooms of size 2 tons to 250 tons. The content is 7000 litres diluted by Nitrogen, which is enough for 10 ripening cycles for a 15 tons room size. The cylinder also has a special gas realizing devise which indicate the quantity required for ripening. The customer has to dose amount of gas displayed on the device in the room and the system is activated immediately. This is a foolproof method showing the flow of ethylene in to the chamber. Leave room closed for 16 hours without intervention.

    The Procedure
  • Precool the bananas for 18 to 20 degrees
  • Follow the readings and start dosing the room and when set amount has been reached
  • Leave the room locked for 16 hours without intervention
    Who should buy this?
  • Customers having multiple cold rooms
  • For capacities higher than 10 tons

Fully Automated Multi Rooms With Centralized Ripening System

freezer room
    Centralized ripening system consists of
  • Gas cylinder bank
  • Gas analyzer
  • Ripening Chamber
  • freezer room

Ripening is done completely by the system automatically, it controls the complete ripening cycle of 4 days and no user intervention is required. The controller activate the ripening cycle by a simple switch which starts the ripening cycle. It doses the room with ethylene for 16 to 20 hours which can be set by the user. It measures and doses the room continuously to maintain 100ppm. For the next 3 days the co2 is controlled and maintained below 1% level. It controls the CO2 level using ventilation fans and CO2 scrubber. The system is controlling all the parameters which are required for ripening hence every batch coming out of the system is uniform and consistent over a period of time. This is ultimate goal of customer.

freezer room
  • 1.Pre cool the bananas for 18 to 20 degrees
  • Switch on the ripening controller
  • Open the door after 96 hours/4days
    Who should buy this?
  • Customers having multiple cold rooms
  • Customers who are serving the retail chains