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Gas Storage Tanks

gas storage tanks

Cryo Co2

We are indulged in offering a wide assortment of ethylene oxide to our clients at most economical prices. These highly effective gases are widely used for the production and synthesis of oxide derivatives such as polyethylene glycols, ethylene glycol, diethylene & triethylene glycols, glycol ethers, polyether polyols and ethanolamine. Utilized for organic synthesis, these superior quality oxide gases are widely appreciated for their effectiveness, accurate composition and safety.

Advantages of Cryo Co2

Eliminates Cylinder handling.Increase in the productivity and minimize the Interruption of production operation.Accuracy in gas purchase.No leakage.Cost effective and fixed price for gas.No explosive license required.Space optimization.Eliminates the cylinder control / Monitoring activity.Eliminates the contamination of gases.Reduce the risk for lower operating pressure.Uninterrupted supply of gas at the user point.Reduce administrative work by reducing the power work of frequent ordering activities.

Safety features

A Stable base. Easy to handle, loading and unloading. At constant pressure gas is delivered.No need of high pressure regulators to reduce cylinder pressure.