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Specialised Uses

  • Carbon dioxide as a supercritical solvent in fatty acid refining.
  • Also CO2 is used as propel gas in sprays, replacing chlorofluorohydrocarbons, which have been proved to cause damage in the ozone layer.
  • As a gas, CO2 is used in the production of urea (raw material in fertilizer production), methyl alcohol, aspirin, paints, pharmaceuticals and oil additives, in sugar industry for the precipitation of lime, in the foamy plastics industry, in the tannery of ox leather.
  • CO2 lasers, for industrial cutting or medical surgery.
  • Supercritical cleaning in chip making – saves millions of gallons of waste water and acids per plant.
  • Use of semi-preparative supercritical chromatography for the separation and isolation of flavour and food constituents.
  • Separation of oil from fried chips by a supercritical extraction process.
  • Natural antioxidants produced by supercritical extraction: Traditional antioxidants. Spice antioxidant compounds. Extraction of spice antioxidants. Supercritical extraction.
  • Separation of ethanol-water solution with supercritical CO2 in the presence of a membrane.
  • Supercritical fractionation of butter oil.
  • Supercritical carbon dioxide processing of orange juice.
  • Supercritical fluid carbon dioxide technology for extraction of spices and other high-value bioactive compounds: Pepper oil. Pepper oleoresin Ginger oil. Ginger oleoresin. Jasmine absolute. Bio-active compounds.
  • Extraction of oil from evening primrose seed with supercritical carbon dioxide:
  • High pressure extraction of organics from water:
  • Production of low-fat and low-cholesterol foodstuffs or biological products by supercritical CO2 extraction processes and applications: General process. Food products:de-fatting and de-cholesterol applications. Biological products: de-cholesterol applications.